Indisputably, sports and outdoor activities have nowadays a greater impact when deciding on a tourist destination. Whether we speak of hiking, road and mountain biking, cross-country and alpine skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking or canoeing, people are turning more and more to outdoor activities during their spare time or on trips.


From the nonchalant walker to the confirmed athlete, all possess sensitivity to the environment

in which they practice their activities and welcome actions to protect it. Those people are actively searching for information on and learning about their environment and its surroundings.


An ever-growing trend, travel related to sports or physical activity are undoubtedly an opportunity for regions and municipalities in Quebec seeking to diversify their recreational tourism offer. Whether near major regional centres or in more remote territories, the recreational and tourism potential of Quebec often remains largely untapped and is sometimes misunderstood.




NOVA - The Collective for Sustainable and Innovative Recreational Tourism encompasses,

within a single team, the expertise required to develop a renewed and avant-garde offer of touristic products and activities. Several regions of Quebec, blessed by geography, wildlife and environmental assets, could benefit economically from a revitalized offer in tourism for clients looking for new experiences and adventures.


Our experts come from all backgrounds: design, urban planning, communications, management of facilities or infrastructure, accommodation, food, education and training. Depending on the needs of each of our clients, our flexibility and our ability to combine the best professionals, enables us to find key stakeholders, for each project requirements.


Whether it is a public body (RCM, ATR, or municipality) or a private client (outfitters, ski resorts, etc.) our group can help define the needs, conceptualize and implement a new recreational and tourism offer.