Our Collective is a non-profit organisation regrouping five members:

LLG Nature



For over 45 years, Vélo Québec,  a non-profit organisation, has played an important role on the Quebec cycling scene. It constantly encourages the use of bicycles - whether for recreation, tourism or as a clean, active mode of transportation - in order to improve the environment, health and wellbeing of citizens.



LLG Nature is a group of passionate experts with many years of mountain biking, crosscountry skiing, hiking and Nordic expeditions. LLG Nature offers a perspective on recreationaltourism oriented toward pleasure sought by outdoor enthusiasts from beginners to avid adventurers, while respecting the communities and nature. We can help facility managers make decisions in coherence with what the topography offers and the sought pleasure, both without interfering with nature and requiring unsustainable activities or development.



Since 1977, BC2’s professionals have been widely recognized in the fields of urban planning,landscape architecture, strategy, urban design and heritage study. The integrity and philosophy of sustainable and integrated development allowed the firm to carry out several innovative and award-winning projects.

As a sectoral association in adventure tourism and ecotourism in Quebec, Aventure Écotourisme Québec protect, represent and promote the interests of Québec's professional adventure tourism and ecotourism producers in order to develop a tourism appeal of high quality in the sectors of adventure tourism and ecotourism.


Rando Québec's mission is to ensure the development and sustainability of hiking and snowshoeing in Quebec,  through the creation of services and products for both  enthusiasts of these activities, as well as for trail managers.